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Foundation Pierre Gianadda

Rue du Forum
1920 Martigny

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Situated between the magnificent natural setting of the forest and sloping terrace vineyards, Martigny (population 15,000) was already well known in Roman times as a major centre of trade.
Today, many Gallo-Roman vestiges show off its past, in particular an ancient amphitheatre. Dominated by the Bâtiaz Tower, a 13-century forteress, the modern city was built at the bend of the Rhône, along the River Dranse.

The old quarters have kept a picturesque style. Throughout time, Martigny has been a renowned junction of the main roads through the Alps, and is linked to Italy (Aosta 75 km) by the Grand Saint Bernard Pass – used by Hannibal, Caesar, Charlemagne and Napoleon – and to France (Chamonix-Mont Blanc 40 km) by the Forclaz Pass or by a picturesque panoramic train.